Ecco a voi lettori la classifica di musica house delle nuove uscite del 2009:

  1. Feel the love (Cristian Marchi Main Mix)
    Marchi’s Flow feat Miss Tea
  2. Boys & Girl (Marchesini & Farina + Passion Fruit Mix)
    Lanfranchi & Marchesini
  3. Saturday (Alex Gaudini & Jason Rooney Rmx)
    Cunnie Williams feat Monie Love
  4. Blowing in me (Marchesini + Mauri + Karim Rmx)
    Andrea Paci feat Michelle Weeks
  5. Natural high (Out of Office Vocal mix)
    Michael Woods feat Inaya Day
  6. Everytime we touch (Extended + David Tort Rmx)
    David Guetta feat Chris Willis
  7. Sensation shot (Original Mix)
    Stylus Robb & Mattias
  8. I love rock’n’roll
    Alex Gaudino & Jason Rooney
  9. When the sun comes down (Original + Spencer & Hill Rmx)
  10. Rockstar (Original + Cristian Marchi Rmx)
    Frankie Gada & Raf Marchesini

  11. Finally medley Rise up (Alex Guesta Rmx)
    Guesta Project
  12. Feel it (Pop Trumpet Club + Mac Project Rmx)
    The Tamperer feat Maya
  13. Must be the music (Nicola Fasano Rmx)
    Joey Negro
  14. Music (Classic Gold Rmx)
    Midnight Express feat Sabrina Johnson
  15. Angel of my shoulder (EDX’s Belo Horizonte at Night Rmx)
  16. Self control (Laurent Wolf & Anton Wick Rmx)
    Dim Chris & Thomas Gold
  17. Deep fear (Phobia Club mix)
  18. Bad Habit 09’ (ATFC’S Lektrotek Re-visit)
    ATFC feat Lisa Millett
  19. One day (Original + Club mix)
    Samuele Sartini
  20. Freeloader (Specer & Hill + Club mix)
    Dave Darell